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Fire Prevention System OxyReduct®

The VdS certified and approved OxyReduct® fire prevention system is used where conventional fire protection systems reached their limits.

The basic principle

The OxyReduct® fire prevention system has proved its effectiveness with many times. This innovative system is used throughout Europe for a wide variety of applications, protecting areas ranging in volume from 100 to 600,000 m³ in size.


Individual installations, precisely configured towards specific protection needs, can be designed in such a way that areas protected by OxyReduct® can also be accessed by personnel in accordance with workplace regulations. 

  • Preventive fire protection – all the time (365/24/7)
  • A better alternative to the fire brigade and extinguishing agents
  • Damage from fire, smoke and extinguishing agents avoided
  • Little effort to run lines 
  • Self-checking system technology (constant monitoring of room density, unit function and effectiveness and logging)
  • As simple as it gets when adapting for use after changes in the area to protect, such as new installations, conversions and renovations
  • VdS-certified
Application areas
  • EDP
  • Frozen storage, cool stores
  • Small parts tray storage
  • Hazardous chemicals storage
  • Libraries, museums, archives, depots
  • Film- and data archives
  • Food storage
  • Strongrooms and vaults

Certified fire protection

Certified fire protection

OxyReduct® was the first active fire prevention system to be approved by the VdS in Germany. Recognition by VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH is confirmation of high quality and reliability and is of central importance for both providers and users.

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